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Lilico: Britons aren't actually opposed to free movement. They just don't want it with the E

The following is an excerpt from an article appearing in the Daily Telegraph, and appears with permission of the author

...We seem queasy about saying it, but voters do not regard immigration from all countries as the same. Our policy has not regarded it as the same, either, for decades, if ever. So the question is not really “is it legitimate to discriminate?” The real question is: “which countries do we want to discriminate in favour of?”...

Britons don’t think of Canzuk countries in the same way they think of any other countries in the world, and they don’t want to restrict immigration from these countries. So why, if restrictions on immigration are supposedly a response to public clamour, are we restricting immigration from countries that the public wants free movement with and regards as our closest kin in the world?

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