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Skinner: Before Britain joined the EEC, we had free movement between Australia, New Zealand and Cana

End Quantcast tag This article appears in CityAM and is presented with permission of the author.

Nearly three months on from Britain’s momentous decision to leave the EU, our future remains uncertain. The Prime Minister is not expected to invoke Article 50 until next year and we’re yet to see a precise outline of the type of deal that she will seek to achieve in the coming exit negotiations.

Some Remainers are still disappointed by the result and are openly calling for a second referendum. As the old saying goes, however, “what’s done is done” – we exercised our democratic rights, and the decision is conclusive. We’re leaving the European Union.

But what if, in the wake of Brexit, an initiative were proposed that offered economic and social prosperity for us all outside of the EU? What if Britain had the chance to take the lead on the most politically progressive project the world has ever seen, guaranteeing us (and future generations) the opportunity to live, work and study abroad, reunite with family and friends thousands of miles away, and reap the benefits of our ties to other Commonwealth nations? The full article can be accessed by visiting:

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