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Skinner: Brexit will help to bring Britain and Canada even closer

For many in the United Kingdom, June 23rd, 2016 will be remembered as the day we decided to leave the European Union – our independence day. Yet for many across the world (especially where I reside in Canada), it will be remembered as the day when us Brits made the worst possible decision. We turned our backs on European cooperation, trade and diplomacy, simply because 52 per cent of our population were “xenophobic”, “anti-European” or misled by lies and false statistics throughout the referendum campaign.

Of course, being located 3,000 miles away acts as a filter mechanism whereby understanding the reasons for voting to leave the European Union have not been truly understood by most Canadians. The inefficiencies of Eurocrats in Brussels, the constant advances towards a federal Europe and the detriment of uncontrolled European immigration have been swept aside in our media, and replaced by opinion pieces from journalists who feel that the EU solely promotes good will, better trade and peace-keeping.

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