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Michael F. Reber

Michael Reber is an international specialist in organizational transformation with emphases in business management, corporate strategy, organizational systems design architecture, and training and development. Passionate about assisting organizations with creating future state value streams as well as assisting members of those organizations in actualizing their truest potentials so as to produce value-added products for their customers.

Dr. Reber has been an Adjunct Lecturer and Adjunct Professor at Washington University and the University of Missouri, in St. Louis, USA, as well as Japan's Waseda University, and the Tokyo Institute of Technology, where he taught Political Philosophy and Political Economy.

A frequent contributor to the Libertarian Papers Journal, Dr. Reber has written several essays on distributive justice, free market systems, and the role of work.

Reber's book, "What Is Seen and What Is NOT Seen: Fun Systems Thinking Activities with Frederic Bastiat", is available on

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