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Lilico and Andrews: It’s time for CANZUK

The following article appears in The Spectator - Australia and is presented with permission of the co-author

No countries have a closer relationship with Australia than New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom. We have shared history and culture, similar interests and values, and our citizens often travel to, work, and even live in each other’s countries.

In a 2014 BBC poll three-quarters of Australians thought the influence of these three countries was mainly positive, and the reverse is also true: a 2011 survey found that Australia was the most favourable country of Britons. The USA is over 15 points behind.

It is no surprise that the bonds between our four countries are so strong, or that we are known by diplomats as the “CANZUK” group due to our closeness at the international level. Part of the Commonwealth with parliamentary politics, the common law and similar values, we share a rich history and a relationship no other countries share. With the current international economic climate, we have a unique opportunity to capitalise upon this to significantly increase our prosperity and boldly chart a new course for the 21st century.

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